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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
Well this was the issue I ran into. I didn't want to buy a used one - because I would always think of it as "I only bought this because I couldn't afford to get what I wanted." I also knew, if I bought a used one and made compromises on things that I'd eventually trade it in when I was in a better financial position, and taking a trade-in hit twice just seemed kind of redundant to me.

So I talked to Becky, she still had a couple 2013 camaros let on her lot. One of them being a 2013 black 1LE with Nav and the NPP exhaust. Which - was basically perfect, except for being black. This got me thinking......could I swing ordering a 2014 and just doing a long term financing plan? Becky helped me crunch the numbers, and while it'll be very very tight - it's doable.

So without further ado - I have an order placed with Becky for a.....


.....Ashen Gray Metallic......


And you will name it Phoenix?
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