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Originally Posted by VanquisherSS View Post
No bueno there man, you think a sub blew or the speakers in the cabin? When I had my setup I used to blow up subs like like every few months got real frustrating. Damn Liquid Cooled LOL your going big time now. When you had it done did they built custom enclosures into the door panels for the speakers? What amps are you going to go with? Rockford?
Big time...not at all, just a better system...providing the car gets the full sponsorship as expected. They didn't need to custom fit the components they were a perfect fit, they just added a baffle and molded all the dampening material around the baffles and the entire inside of the door.

The issue isn't the components and or the deck speakers...when the trunk lid is closed and your in the cabin the system sounds very clean with no rattle and or re-verb. It's either one of the subs or the sub amp.

We will be going with Rockford, providing they approve the full sponsorship. I would like to get their 2014 stuff in the car as a beta car tester before launch of the new series 2014, 2015, I'm waiting on that call as we speak. We Killed the OC Marilyn show...all the sponsors were taking information and asked for contact numbers. I'm sorry but nobody dos a better show than tuners, nobody (NOT EVEN CLOSE)...shit was amazing my dude took me back to NOPI events, I'm thinking about bringing the Benz out of retirement .
later man.
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