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Originally Posted by FINALLYSATISFIED View Post
Hopefully everything is ok. Keep in mind about the inconvenience fee and depreciation fee you are eligible for now. There insurance won't mention it, you have to in order to get compensated.
Originally Posted by FINALLYSATISFIED View Post
A lawyer isn't needed. Hopefully you called the police to get a incident report and already called there insurance. Once an agent contacts you mention the inconvenience fee first. They will pay between $200-500 for each passenger assuming you had any. The depreciation value claim is after they fix your damages. Your car now will depreciate because its been in an accident.
It's been upheld in court numerous times that insurance companies are not liable for either of these, the person at fault is liable, and as such most insurance companies have gotten away from paying them. Also some states do not allow these claims at all.

Another thing, if you do manage to get depreciation value, it is normally paid after you sale/trade the vehicle, not after it is repaired. You may get lucky and get an insurance company that will agree just to get rid of you but most of the time nowadays, they will tell you to get a lawyer and sue the person that caused the accident. If this does go to court, the first two questions the judge will ask is "Did you sale the vehicle?" and "Do you have a bill of sale?" If you answer no, then you just lost the case.
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