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Originally Posted by grocerygetter View Post
I'd go ecs if I did it over again probably....but I really do like the's probably gonna take a buttload of boost (more than I would recommend without methanol) or a cam to get your goal though.

ECS Kits are great and offer expandability. But grocerygetter is right, looking 620-650 wheel is not realistic on a blower alone without propper supporting mods (fuel, methanol, cam).

Is it worth it? Absolutely! If you can afford it. Just remember the old addage, you gotta pay to play, never rings more true then when it comes to cars..replacement parts, supporting modifications and the thirst for more that can never be quenched. You just want 620, I just wanted a cam, took me all of two weeks to realize I didn't have enough power..Threw on the SC with Meth and after a few weeks I was ready for more.

So my opinion, its worth it as long as you can afford it.

If I can be of help in anyway or if you are interested in our ECS Package let me know.
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