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Just feel like venting a bit here, I have been loving the car and what it has become and I do love it to death but deep down I have a feeling like I need to move on from it. Its hard to search for places with my girl when I'm so concerned about where the car is going to go versus us finding a nice place. I have poured my heart and certaintly my time/money into so when I think about the car outside getting beat by the elements I cringe. I need to take a step back and realize its just a car and it is certainly not the most important thing to me, she is. We'll see how the search goes and I'm gonna drive it for the rest of the year most likely, do some racing, but if it becomes an issue past this summer sadly its gonna go for real this time. I just can't see spending 250-300 a month to keep it somewhere climate controlled on a battery tender. I'm only looking at renting right now and not ready for home ownership so I won't have anywhere to put it most likely in an apartment complex.

On that note I'll be taking a hiatus from this site for some time to really evaluate things, when I'm on here I only feel it draws me into buying shit I don't need or keeping my focus on the car. Lately I feel it doesn't have much more to offer to me although I really enjoy the site and the people I've met through it and its wealth of knowledge. But then I feel that is irrelevant now because I have found a great shop and great people that work on my car and to be honest I don't need to turn to anyone but them. Without this forum I wouldn't have found them most likely and I don't think I would have been able to get the car to where it is without it. Have gotten some great deals here.

Anyway so adios to you peepz on here for some time, if your curious about the car or anything I have for sale I will be responding to PMs but other than that I'll be out enjoying the car this year. I'm also going to get back into racing motorcycles and riding more, thats where my passion really is I realize and I'm going to be focusing on that as well.
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