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Time for a quick update and this is good news (not like the bad news from trying to install my headers) anyways...

This past Saturday I decided to go to the 1/4 mile track and do some runs before I installed my headers that way I could see what gains the headers give me. Made a total of 13 passes. The DA was kinda bad about 2000. My two fastest runs of the day were a 14.1158@97.45 when correcting for the D.A ends up being 13.844@99.404. This was the very first run on the track for the day and I had a 60ft of 2.079 which is my best yet (had zero wheel spin), as time progressed my 60ft got worse but that could very well be me (def need to get some trailing arms). My next fastest time was a 14.1592@98 which corrects to 13.848@100.255. I am pretty happy that I was able to break into the 13s and break the 100MPH mark(although not physically). I've attached two pics of my fastest times at the track and I brought my friend along so he could record some videos and I've attached the video of the 14.1158@97.45 run. BTW I'm car 6C


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