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I installed my air scoop over the weekend.

When I pull out on the main road leaving my house there is a blind corner. It usually is not a problem, unless someone is speeding. Well, today, a truck came flying around the corner right as I pulled out and gave me the official "op-test" opportunity.

I did not expect the scoop to work so well with my K&N intake, not being a top 10 intake on the forums. Well, a good combination of cool morning air, a good step on the gas, and I felt the difference. I felt the front of the car lift more than I had ever felt and I even started to come sideways a bit. I shot up to about 45mph in first gear before I realized I was going to end up speeding before I even shifted. Somehow I found the willpower to ease of the gas and shift normally, I am sure the approaching red light had something to do with it.

Op-test SAT - Thanks APEX!

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