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Originally Posted by VanquisherSS View Post
Well if your turning it up and it sounds blown then its the speaker I would think. If its up and your getting distortion at levels you never did or a bunch of clipping then your amp took a shit. If the sub isn't moving then its blown. To be honest man I was never a fan of Rockford stuff, but I know you have a potential sponsorship there so whatever costs you the least green is the best .

I had my Alpine V12 amp since high school man, thing ran strong as hell for like 6 years never skipped a beat and the best part about it was when it hit thermal protection mode it didn't shut off it just cut power by 50% and kept playing. Alpine, Rockford, JL, now a days IMO is shit. Not what it used to be. I sold my JL W3 and that amp to a buddy and its still bumping to this day. If you really want SPL sound look into FI Car Audio and some Sundown Audio amps. I'm telling you I had that setup it was so clean it was ridiculous. At the same time it was so ****ing loud it could open automatic doors LOL . At FI Car Audio man everything is built to order nothing sitting in a warehouse mass produced, I legit cannot stress the quality enough. I fed two of those FI BL subs over 3000W RMS man and I beat the shit out of them on the daily and they laughed at me.

Sorry for the lengthy post my dude but you know if it ain't the best I'm gonna keep it moving and tell it like it is haha. Either way get that system back up and running. If you need an amp in the meantime I have a 1200W RMS at 2ohms mono block you can use.
None of what you've described is what we're experiencing at the moment's weird, at higher volume system sounds clean, except the bass quality, both subs are hitting, and I'm not geting any clipping...the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced it's just not tuned well. Shit goes in for surgery soon (Hopefully).

Question, who did you use to tune your systems? Is their someone you can refer that will do a real tune (SQ)...with all the meters and software being used (Not by air)?

No worries Bro, me being honest and I think you know I give 2 shits about being sponsored and saving a buck, if I think It's garbage, (It's in the garbage). I totally agree with you in regards to the standards of some of the more well known brands, but I ask that you defer your thoughts until you hear the Rockfords T series.

I was at one of those rolling sound labs while at the Oc show (Not Rockfords, Independent dealer) he had multiple brands, (You get to listen to any combination), those T3's and T5 components were on par with all the Hertz, Focal's, and other higher end speakers, and I used several different amp, sub, full component combinations. Chris no joke dude, check them out...(The T series will surprise you).

O and the SPL reference was an SLP inside joke for one of the trolls from Sounds of Tri-State, You know Terri would never do a system like that, SQ all day! Later Man.
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