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Lithia Chevrolet, Fairbanks Alaska.
Being that they are the only GM dealer in town it's there way or no way. Takes 3 weeks to get your car in for an appointment regardless of what your problem is. Then once you do wait your three weeks to get your car in, they give you a long list of reasons/excuses why they can't get to your car on the appointment day.

Spoke with the service manager and was told that most anything you do to your car will void your power train warranty, change tire size, voided. Change exhaust, voided. Add a CAI, voided. He also mentioned that they have had to send photos of wheel/tires on some cars and that power train warranty's have been voided for simple tire size changes from stock and that they are not allowed to recal speedos to correct for tire size changes.

My question is, is this all true or is it Bull Crap?
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