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Originally Posted by AngelSpeedFreak View Post
Hope you get it figured out soon... Something definitely not right with that HP number
Definitely needs the thermal spacer and larger TB for more breathing! I'm also betting you (Jeremy/2SS45th) need the extra LPE idler pully. Get the front belt as tight as possible..... hold the tensioner full tilt and have a 2nd person slide the idler pully below the front jackshaft as tight as possible. Make sure the bolt is nice and tight..... slid mine right over 1st time I adjusted just before racing and thought it was tight enough (marked with tape to verify it wasn't sliding over). You can also get the larger idler pully for more belt wrap. Don't forget to retighten after belt is broken in too.... I was slipping in the rear, but hadn't retightened after being new (was a "oh duh" moment). But you went rear cog didn't you? I went 14 rib with the extra idler tensioner for the rear.

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