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It probably won't increase in value, but with that little mileage being put on it, it will probably depreciate slower than a 4th gen that's driven a lot. There's nothing particularly special about a basic 2002 Camaro Z28 (and I say this as someone who owns one) that will turn it into a super collectible car at some unknown point in the future. In 2002, every other person who bought a Camaro, including the first owner of my car, thought that it was going to be the last one ever and stored it away for posterity thinking that they'd retire with the money they'd get when they sold a car that cost $25,000 new for $250,000. Then GM introduced the 5th Gen and ruined a lot of people's retirement plans. Unless it's a GMMG car or something special like that, it'll never be worth '69 COPO money.

If money's a concern, sell it now because it won't be worth anymore in the near term (defined as 1- 10 years from today) than it is today. Sure, fifty years from now, it might be more valuable, but so will every other car built in 2002 that's still on the road.

On the other hand, since you inherited it, you essentially got it for free. If you're going to still need a car to use when you come into town and you like driving it when you're there, you might as well keep it. It will serve your purposes as well as any other car.
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