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Originally Posted by PsyDoc View Post
Is the fluid in the reservoir clear? In one of the photos, it looks like there are contaminants in the fluid. If there is indeed "specs" of what looks like dirt in it, then have a look at the following post:
Thank you i also put up a link about this some time ago to
And go to he is the guy on the youtube Link that LDGn63 put up,

Originally Posted by camarotoofast View Post
I would say its more the reservoir because the cap didnt fix the problem 100% but it did help. Just to let you know mine is a A6 and i have 1,700 miles on her and my fluid isn't that dark i guess its the brake/Clutch combo in the M6 that makes it heat up more.
I will let the guys at the dealer now to order me a new reservoir on Monday.
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