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Originally Posted by Detoxx03 View Post
A Maggie on a 416 isn't the greatest idea anyway. If you want more cubes fiftydriver get a bigger blower that will be more efficient on it.
Ya I know, my car is a 100% street ride so I love the low end grunt of the TVS2300 and as my car will run in the idle to 4500 rpm range for 90% of its life on the street I will be happy if I can get 650 rwhp.

I have been told this is practical with the Maggie and a properly set up 376 but anything more and its better to go larger displacement.

Just really do not want to put another $7000-$9000 into another supercharger kit as I already have the Maggie and want to try to work with it if possilbe. Just is looking like stock cubes are the wisest direction to go with the Maggie.

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