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Originally Posted by Mchlgrrsn View Post
It's a good idea to follow the advice of your tuner/builder. If your going to raise the boost, make sure your fuel system is in order. Better safe than sorry. IMHO


Originally Posted by 11syn3rgy View Post
I appreciate that. That's what is interesting. Ted recommended that I install 80lb injectors? Doesn't that seem like overkill for my set up? Any idea what the 3.6 pully will increase my boost to? I believe the stock pully is around 6-7 psi? Seems like I could do a little more boost than that without getting too crazy. At what level should I think about the BAP? I really don't know anything about them and I want to make sure that I'm not hurting my car. Especially since I'm kissing my warranty buh bye.

You'll loose a little boost with the headers. The 3.8 is like 6 psi and the 3.6 is about 8psi.

Are you l99 or ls3? If you're shooting for 500 rwhp you shouldn't need a bap or injectors. I used the Maggie injectors at 550 rwhp and had no issues.

Ted isn't going to sell you something you don't need so your best bet is to ask him why on the 80lb injectors? Seems like overkill to me but that's his job to know what's best.
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