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Well I finally switched over and got Oracles 6000k HID kit for my car. OMG I can finally see now. I noticed that they still have the same beam pattern as factory so the lights aren't shining up into some ones face. They are much brighter than stock and the color is spot on white with barely a hint of blue. I also ordered the BI-Xenon style so I didn't lose my Hi-Beams. It pretty cool how the hi-beams work. It appears to use a magnet and a return spring. On low beam the bulb is forward in the socket, but when you hit the hi beams the bulbs retract into the socket via the magnet and return out when you go back to low. They didn't come with very good instructions for the install but all the connectors are one way so you cant get them wrong. I have noticed that for some reason when the lights come on when I unlock the car that the right side doesn't come on but after I start the car it does. I know that the ballast is a smart ballast and will shut down if it detects a problem at start up to prevent any major damage but IDK. But over all a great kit. With never messing with one before I was able to install it in less than an hour but if knew what I was doing it would have taken much less time.
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