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Great news. We have owned nothing but GM, both good and bad.

We still have:

'98 S10 - Mediocre at best, never was impressed with this truck. WILL NOT DIE though.
-'06 Equinox - A little cheesy but has been dead nuts reliable. Changed one hub assembly and all the shocks and struts since we got it 4-5 years ago. Nothing but oil changes, tires, and brakes otherwise. Not a bad people hauler.
-93 C1500 - Can't comment here. It's still all GM but its my FrankenTruck project.
-12 Camaro - No issues to date since buying it new 14 months ago.


-05 Silverado. I owned this one for two years. Replaced a hub assembly, two airbag sensors, evap solenoid, and all the motors in the gauge cluster. All common issues of that model truck. Was still very pleased with it.
-05 Trailblazer 4WD. No issues in the couple years we had it until my mother slung it off into the woods on the interstate. Held up very well for what it hit on the way.
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