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So, because both cars have rectangular lights means they look the same? That doesn't make sense. The design of the lights on the Camaro are different from the prelude IMO. The prelude has a clear section that goes along the entire bottom of the tail light. Camaro is outlined almost entirely by LED with the backup light in the center. I think people are making a mountain out of a mole hill. I like both versions of the rear end. I think the old ones look more aggressive but the new ones make the car look wider same with the new front. Not sure if I like the chrome strip on the front though... time will tell. I have my 2014 1LE ordered so I'll know that in about 8-12 weeks from now. If I don't like it, then luckily there is a robust aftermarket for the Camaro that I'll be able to search for a replacement.
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