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? on wiring .... of Aeromotive and FPCM trigger.

Guys -

I am still running the Stealth and perhaps its new / refreshed / or my luck has not run out yet - but working solid "so far for me" and we are doing 894 rwhp / 899 ft-lb and several passes.... However - when I see a thread like this - I never forget it and assume my time will come..... There is far too much braintrust here to think you will just get lucky

For now my question is this, and really hope someone can help me - Matt is working this as well. But the way Aeromotive has their system run - and also Squash and others "I believe" if hot for the most part and surrenders the safety controls existent in the FPCM in the event of failure, and fuel will continue to gush.

Could someone please point me to the proper pinout to use the hot or ground and leverage this in our setup to maintain safety? I have searched like crazy but the way the Aeromotive is connected so it behaves just like the factory pump from an on / off / safety standpoint.

Many thanks to all
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