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Magnacharger question

Hey again,

Sorry for all of the questions guys, but I'm new to the blower game (as if you can't tell). My L99 currently has LT headers, high-flow cats, Borla S-type axle back, SCT tune from JRE and a K&N "Typhoon" CAI. I'm realizing now that the K&N might not have been the "best" choice, but here's the question. Rather than going back to my stock air box, like Magnuson recommends with the stock 3.8 pulley. Why couldn't I retrofit my current CAI set up to work? I can't imagine that it would be very difficult and it seems like it has to produce more air flow than the stock box. In fairness, the Maggie kit does come with a SLP "Blackwing" connecting tube.

Thoughts. What am I missing?
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