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My for instance I'm only talking about Centrifugal Blowers. PD have a lot of tech and are pricey, no denying that. Keep in mind below are still retail prices.


Nice older styled oil cooled non-intercooled Paxton kit for Rustang $2500:

Novi 1200 non-intercooled Kit for Rustang 4.6 mod motor $4255:

Novi 1500 non-intercooled kit for Rustang carbed $4000k:

Intercooler with piping and BOV for anything, universal crap $300:

Finally for a tuner kit if you could source out mounting brackets and pulley's and using intercooler you would need the head unit, and I've seen some V3's as low as $1300 new:

Vortech V3 $1700:

Or Procharger P-1SC for $2300:

I just can't figure how to get the brackets

Blower V3 $1700+intercooler $300+ brackets and pullies ($500 guess)= $2500

I would say demand definitely drives prices.
+ belt, + idlers, + piping, +clamps, +silicone couplers, + hardware, +fuel system, + air inlet, +Bypass/bov. A blower kit is a lot more than brackets, pulleys. Just the brackets are $600-2000 depending on the bracket. Idlers, tensioners, etc all add up.
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