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Originally Posted by SSOOCH View Post
GM doesn't need to answer to this. If people want a GM performance vehicle they have plenty to choose from already:

CTS-V Coupe
Camaro SS
Camaro 1LE
Camaro ZL1
Camaro Z/28 (soon)
Corvette Z06
Corvette ZR1
Corvette Stingray (soon)
Chevrolet SS sedan

GM builds trucks for what they're supposed to be used for. And we all know GM can do it if they wanted to. Remember the Cyclone or the Typhoon?

GM has so many toys in their toy chest Ford HAS to do stuff like this. What else do they have? The Mustang. That's it.

Besides the Camaro SS everything you listed there is roughlyy 40k and most cosniderably more. A 6.2 RC Silverado would give GM an additional sporty vehicle more can afford. GM at one time was about affordable performance with the CHevrolet lineup. It needs to be again and this would be a great cheap way to do it while moving a few extra trucks. Heck, what R&D could there really be to make this happen?

Also, Cyclone and typhoon were great, but not real entries as the Cyclone was built for 1 year and the Typhoon only 2. At the time they were outragously expensive (over 30k in 91!) and their reliability, well, there isn't any to really speak of. They have tried with the 454 SS which was pitiful for something carrying 454 CI and was killed by the first gen Lighning in every aspect. There were also lesser models such as the GT line for the Silverado and Sierra that provided the looks of the 454 SS with the old TBI 350. They tried again with the 03 Silverado SS, but this thing was simply obliterated by Fords Lightning and Dodge's SRT-10 trucks, not to mention a Ram Sport was basically as quick with the old Hemi and provided better handling. Same as with the GMC C3/Denali.

And Ford has the various versions of the Mustang, the Focus ST, the Fiesta ST, the taurus SHO, and now the Tremor. Also, their performance vehicles fall in a more affordable range than GM's performance cars.
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