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Originally Posted by E.T. View Post
You shouldn't have trouble breaking 500 rwhp. My L99 always seemed to dyno a little low. I was only in the 350 HP range with full bolt ons. The Maggie added almost 150 rwhp, but I went with the 3.6 pulley which is supposed to be 8 psi. Also, I have gears, which I've read will contribute to slightly lower numbers on the dyno. At any rate, don't get too caught up on the numbers. Adding a supercharger was one hell of an upgrade. The car is an absolute beast. At this point, the main thing holding it back is traction
Thanks man. If I go to 3.6 pulleys, will I need anything more than my LS9 injectors on the fuel side? I know a BAP is a good insurance policy, but at what level are these "necessary"?
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