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Originally Posted by Levischilz View Post
I've finally decided to go the twin turbo route on my new 2012 camaro ss its a manual 6 speed ls3. I've been debating PD vs centri vs twin's and have made the decision to go twin turbo.

I looked at granatelli and hellion and IPS and AGP.

I dont plan to run anything over 650 ish rwhp for some time. Later if money permits I will possibly forge the block but dont plan much more extreme than that as I dont want to buy a new motor or build anything for like 1k+ range. Evern if I surpass the 650 rwhp range it would be to get into the 700's nothing more since its a street toy. The only other big change I would like to make would be a cam mostly for the sound at idle.

I've narrowed it down to the IPS entry level kit and the AGP TT kit.

Could anyone give me some details of the difference between the 2. I have found a couple things. I like the tial stuff from IPS but then love the cast parts from the AGP kit. Also the agp kit has a mean intercooler which I love that it gets good air above and below the bumper support. I also think the AGP kit is ball bearing turbo's. Im somewhat familiar with turbos but its been a while. I put a turbo kit on a na eclipse years ago.

Im mostly looking for some who have knowledge in turbos give me some info on the difference between the turbo's on the 2 kits and which may be better. I also am strickly going to be using this for weekend fun its not a DD but I also dont do 1/4 or track atm. I think the kits are around 1500 price difference.

Thanks for any info I appriciate it !! Levi

I cant speak about the AGP kit, mainly because I have no physical knowledge of it, nor have I read any press other then the thread in this section.

I will of course speak about our "entry" kit.

Our entry kit is the same as the competition kit, less just a few details, mainly components (example non SS tial turbine housings). We are releasing the kit with some custom silicone IC adapters similar to what you may have seen in photos from AGP, I have these here but cant release photos just yet until the press kit comes out.

We use REAL garrett turbos, no knock offs, no imitations, the best, durable OEM grade turbos. Yes they are not ball bearing but we did quite a bit of dynamic analysis on the turbo sizing for the application range intended on the kit and these turbos will spool fast and create peak torque very well and hold power. BB are nice to have, but they come with a cost of course and there is a relative marginal benefit which is the consumers decision. And as a caveat to specing these turbos properly we do not have to have a overly large intercooler (comparing the AGP photos I have seen, its seems large for 6-8 psi...again though I dont know about it other then a cell phone pic). I worry the agp being that "long/tall" with the end tank design the air flow across the whole intercooler would not be that great in other words the air would have some flow/pressure differences across it and not cool the charge as "efficiently", yes it would have a fair air charge I am sure but big for the sake of big can have its issues especially at lower air speeds (boost). ( disclaimer I do not know any "real" results this is just educated speculation about their system ). Our kit produces consistent air inlet temps around ambient or with in 15 degrees of ambient even on these 80+ degree days, this is why we make good power, tuners appreciate this. We have several clients with the base intercooler in the 800 hp range, so its got some room for you to grow.

As for the components and materials of our system, we control as much as we can. All the metal is USA grade, fabricated here in house, guaranteed by IPS. The hoses lines fittings we use are all very high grade, no push lock hard ware store stuff here for the sake of compromising quality. We control all the finishing options right here in the shop, and the lead times for them, which is great.

I believe this kit is just flat out the best money you can spend to make the 600 (auto) to 645 (6speed) on a bone stock engine. You would be hard pressed to spend less to make more with all the benefits of drivablity and ease of the system. I know this isn't comparing kits, but just a general pitch lol. Oh and there is room to go higher HP with the entry turbos, this is not all they will make

Just let me know if there are more specifics, I am back "trolling" this forum more regularly and will answer all questions / concerns.
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