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Originally Posted by VADER SS L99 View Post
Again all excuses. The ZR1 with those tires is a production option. I'm pretty sure Porsche has that type of option on cars like the GT2 and GT3.

You are right about the Nurburgring. My bad on that. See, I can admit when I'm wrong. You should do the same because the 911 turbo is not faster than a ZR1.
Yes I was wrong, and you were right The ZR1 did run faster in the 1/4 then the 911 Turbo. It also beat it on most of the tracks you listed. See I can do that too lol

Originally Posted by ABMLS3 View Post
i raced a porsche 911 carrera from a rolling start 60mph and stopped at 130mph we were dead even the entire time. all i have is BBK cold air intake and Borla ATAK cat-back exhaust. i made a thread about it
It's got 80hp less then you
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