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Originally Posted by HRD_WRK View Post
Modified V-8: Vehicles with tunes, moderate engine mods, suspension upgrades. Includes OE 1LE
o Supercar: You are automatically in this class with built motors, supercharger and or tires with a treadwear rating of 200 or less. Includes ZL1.

Last time I checked- MANY people who drag race run better tires than the PZeros. Many DD non racers have also change tires due to normal wear and have put better grip tires on.

Not sure the point of having a class that has spent hard earned money making moderate upgrades to limit them to a street tire.

I know my pzeros, although raced on them many times when stock- they would be worthless now.
I even run the stock rims , stock fronts, and entry level drag/better tires in back for True Street races- but they're 100- so I'm out I guess.
The gain from this set up is far less than a cam or SC.

So that means I race against the big dogs with SC. OK with me(do it now anyways), IF there is Brackets for sure.

Would have liked to race with cars more my level- much more fun with close proximity going down the track.

Lets line 'em biotch!
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