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Originally Posted by Levischilz View Post
Anyone chime in on the thoughts of the agp turbo size vs the ips turbo size?
I just goto lunch at AGP every day and bug them, so I don't know 100% of the details.

Like Brandon said, can't speak about the IPS kit because I haven't seen it. I've driven then AGP car many times. IATs are almost ambient, and no overheating even in Phoenix. It should be 120 today and the shop car runs fine with cold a/c. All parts are ceramic coated to help keep heat controlled.

AGP uses the same suppliers for a lot of parts as GM/Ford/Chrystler. The casting house cast OEM manifolds for most of the big 3. They have sold thousands of turbos kits and have millions of miles on the kits with OEM reliability and quality. That was the primary focus of the kit, was a OEM level kit that the average person can put on in an afternoon and make big power.

Comparing turbos sizes is hard. AGP has about 100 combinations of turbos that can fit. I don't even know what turbos IPS uses but it looks like 57 trim stage 3 garrets on the budget kit, which are a decent turbo. I personally like the Borg Warners that AGP uses as the base turbos a bit more. Garret and Borg Warner are both top level OEM suppliers with great turbos. Can't go wrong with either.

If anyone from C5 ever responds to them becoming a vendor I can have the owners/employees actually provide real data, info, pricing, etc but they can't get anyone to take their money to become a vendor.

You won't be disappointed with either. I've dealt with IPS on a few things and I've always been happy. I've known the owners of AGP for 15+ years and we go way back. I know they take care of customers, have awesome warranty (rarely used), and designed a top notch kit.
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