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Well I have the ips med level kit for over a year now. The power is very strong, in so much I have blown a stock rear with ease. No burns out, and no slicks. The idle is great, the sound is great, torque from 2k -to 6200 is flat. Car never heats up to much. IAT are about 110 in a 90 deg day. I will be boostin 15-20 pounds soon. I run 10 psi for the street without a hiccup. My only complaint is that I feel the turbo, and external pipes sit too low for NY and NY "EFFED" up streets. I must mention I have the billet and ceramic bb options. I am sure both these kits are great. But U can vouch that the ips kit is excellent. The power, reliability, and parts are excellent for the price. PS the ips kit aint cheap, but neither is racing. You wanna play u gotta pay, simple fact
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