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Originally Posted by Nitroman28 View Post
I for the life if me can't get the wires out of the plug. Any trick to it?

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It's tricky for sure. The secret is to push down AND inwards at the same time. If you look at one of the pins on our harness, you can see what you are aiming for (those little tangs keep it locked so you push them in to release). It is hard though especially your first time. Make sure the flat side of the paper clip is facing inward. Press down, and inwards, while pulling the wire out the back (being a three handed person is helpful in this case).

We will officially begin adding another 3 ft of wire since there are a lot of requests. We based the length off of installing in the center console, but we'll add wire so you can put it wherever. What's the worst that can happen anyway, you just coil up what you don't need and zip tie out of the way.

Thank you so much to everyone who's purchased before, I hope you love them. You are buying them almost faster than we can turn them out.

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