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forced induction must haves and might wants based on hp

I wanted to start a thread since me and so many others have gone through the same head busting read until your eyes fall out situation when getting boosted.

So what I purpose is a thread where people post what they think is needed for suporting mods based on hp/boost. I figure we can use hp ranges as followed. This can be adjusted just some starting grounds. The idea is for people to post what they believe are must haves and might wants when going forced induction. I will start with what I have learned and please add if you think other items are needed based off experince. Obviously this can be all over the board but just give people some good starting grounds to budget for.

500-550 hp 6lbs of boost
-injectors (ls9)(zl1) or bigger MUST HAVE
-2 bar map sensor (my tuner said I didnt need this but hear others say they like having them makes tunning easier) MIGHT WANT
-colder spark plugs MIGHT WANT
-160 degree thermostat MIGHT WANT
-tires to hook up with MIGHT WANT

550-600 8-10lbs of boost ???
fuel pump upgrade MUST HAVE
injectors 60lbs or larger MUST HAVE

600-700 ????

700+ ?????

I will let the experts take it from here. The uprades needed or suggested can be engine drive line whatever just post what you think is a must or a might want given certain hp and torque ranges.
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