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Thanks guys. I dunno, I just wasn't expecting people to all of a sudden go "What about meeeee~" and stuff about the whole thing. I read about how he said that the Camaro wasn't going to be part of chevy's lineup after it was canceled in '02 and didn't fit for various reasons.

Well that's fine, because ya know what GM doesn't have a crystal ball to see the future in and at that time GM was pretty much run by money grubbing goons. Scott really couldn't help it because that was how things were shaping up in their view and if scott happened to agree for one reason for another; he had them. No need to go all pitchfork on him and in turn those that defend him. Doing so actually offended me in a way..

I've met Scott in person, and he's a really good guy, seriously. I wasn't expecting everyone to get all defensive and call it 'wrong' because of his status at GM. He can't afford the car because he bought 'Mom Settlemire' a car.. if he could I wouldn't have started this whole thing. Just gives me a bad taste in my mouth.. and made me buy more stock in Tylenol.

Please guys, give the whole thing of 'ostracizing the so called 'upper echelon' of GM just because you have a beef with them' thing a rest. You're just becoming more and more of the problem that GM has to overcome before you can get your Z/28s and other fun Camaro goodies. I'm not here to pick a fight.. but sometimes I feel that I am after seeing where the Save Thor thread went. Again it just leaves me with a sick feeling in my mouth. :(
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