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Originally Posted by Deki View Post
13.3 on DRAG RADIALS. Show me all these 350zs and 370zs running high 12s stock, please. They are mid 13 second cars on average. I ran a 12.77@111 bone stock in 3400DA with stock 18" 235 series Pirelli all seasons and when I did that time there wasn't a single 350z that ran faster than a 13.8, and none of them were stock either.
Nice, so you were running what my friend's srt8 charger did on a 75 shot and what a ZL1 was running here last night. They both trapped 111-112...

Hell my friend's full bolt on GTO with CAI/IM/full exhaust/tune did 13.0 @ 108 mph, my other friends pullied and tuned 04 Cobra with 420 whp did 13.0 @ 109 mph, last one I should mention is my buddy in his 2013 5.0 6-speed manual with intake/exhaust and tune(dyno'd 394 whp at KC2k13) did 13.1 @ 110 mph. No way in hell a stock 5th gen is or has come anywhere near that time at thunder valley stock.
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