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Return the Lounges Poll

Since i was involved with "THE V8 LOUNGE" thread since the beginning i have seen it grow into a place that many people went to for what i liked to call unbiased information on every question that was brought up. Since the move to the Off-Topic section the thread has suffered greatly losing its context and mostly its dynamic impact as a helpful thread.
There is a compromise that a fellow member has made to the mods and i think this really explains what were all about and how we feel about the Threads being in the places that they previously were.

"Okay here we go. First off, I want to thank you for working with us instead of basically telling us tough shit. That's what pissed me off and made me want to leave. Now let's get to business with this. I think the help desk is an EXCELLENT idea that will help consolidate the typical "WHAT CAI D00 I US3? PLEEZ HEALP". Since that thread will help trim down the section, I think it should remained un-stickied so we can see when there's a question and we can easily respond to it. Next thing is the lounge. It is useless in the off topic section as I have previously stated in my other posts. The dynamic is completely ruined now. I know you said to try it this way, but I say we try it both ways
Leave the other lounges in off topic, and sticky ours in the V8 section. I think this would be a lot better since A) we'll be happy again and B) we consolidate stupid questions with the help desk. We help you guys out via the help desk, you help us by not wrecking our home on here. There's less clutter in the sections, and we don't annoy you anymore. Win, win in my book. If this model works out, we can implement it with the other lounges and sections where each section has a stickied lounge, and an un-stickied help desk. Let me know what you think

Lastly i would like to say that we understand where the mods are coming from, and we understand that there have been complaints about lounges in general, hence the reason for the poll. I would like to thank everyone that has voted and i would also like to thank the mods for all their time and consideration.


EDIT: The compromise would be putting the lounges in the stickies of their respective forums.
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