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Originally Posted by thahemp View Post
Kj lemme posit this...

We snowballed friends as we went. Someone came in there... Asked a question... Liked what they experienced, then stuck around. Traffic where we are now will kill that dynamic.
The V6 lounge was the same way someone who had a question would ask and they would get it answered relatively fast and would return the favor if someone else had a question, sure at points it would get off topic but most threads I read tend to go off topic a bit. I know I've posted questions where I just needed a simple answer where I thought a whole new thread wasn't necessary but that is just me.

Originally Posted by SolomonAKOO View Post
I appreciate that. I know if everyone vote one way or another something will be done and i hop that it gets back to how it was. It just seemed to be more effective that way, and i honestly feel that we helped alot of people with any of the questions that they had, and also had alot of fun in there

I understand the members being able to search and such but honestly how many constant threads do you see about which CAI is better or what tune should I go with. To me it seems like a majority of people don't search because it is easier for them to start a whole new thread. That's why I like the lounges because those numerous threads about which cai is better or what headers are better LT vs shorty or brand x vs brand y can be dwindled down...I'm not computer expert but I'm sure all those numerous threads must take up a lot of space.
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