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Originally Posted by Mchlgrrsn View Post
With all do respect. I don't understand how moving the lounges helps the lurker situation. What about people (like me) who want to ask a quick question, the info is minor, and you only want responses from specific people. The lounge fills that need. Do i really need to start a new thread? By keeping the lounges in their own sections you will know that if you ask a question it's going to be answered by a guy with same engine as you. I can't imagine I am the only one who feels this way.
Thank you for listening (reading).

Michael Garrison
Use PM.

Think of it like this... Historically, a question would be asked and all the replies would be in that one small file. New question, new file. Search pulls up a specific small file (usually).

Now, imagine most questions being asked are stored in one HUGE file..... some new kid comes in and asks, "What's the best CAI for my car?" You proceed to rip him a new one because you've already answered that question a million times. He leaves and never comes back because "Those C5 people are punks!"

Forums have a specific organization for ease of use for anyone, not just a certain clique. And that's what you want, a clique thread... not a good idea.

Bullshite threads belong in off-topic, information threads belong in their most appropriate area.
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