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Originally Posted by Unreal View Post
Great job Andy. 870rwhp on 14psi sounds about right. Keep turning it up.

You should post driving impressions because when I drove the AGP TT car that was the most impressive thing. Tons of torque everywhere.
Lets just say that these turbos underpromise and overdeliver.

Peak torque is a 4000 rpm and peak power is at 6000rpm

Also we stated at 4 psi boost and slowly built it up to 14 till traction on the dyno became an issue.

At 4 psi it made 550 rwhp and 550 rwtq.

At 6 psi it made 670 rwhp and 668 rwtq

At 10 psi it made 708 rwhp and 714 rwtq

Are you seeing the trend here guys!

The car has a HYPERKONTROL boost controller on it that uses compressed air to control the wastegates and no springs,it also has The Largest TIAL WASGATES you have ever seen to keep boost in check.
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