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Originally Posted by Motion427 View Post
Been looking at the pic of the kit that was posted.
looks nice.
1 thing that I'm not sure of.Might be a stupid question.
Theirs 2 pieces that looks like scoops or heat shields.Bigger than your hand.Just wanted to make sure what they were.
Scoops for cold air for the air filters. 99% sure on that.

Other cool features is the upper pipe is ready for meth, IAT sensors, etc. Oil pump is OEM from a turbo porsche. They also give you a timer that pumps the oil out of the turbos for 30 seconds after you shut the car off so no puffs of oil on start up. Kit comes with 85lb injectors. Comes with a catch can, zr1 map sensor. Comes with plugs. Comes with zl1 or MSD BAP. Of course your friendly Camaro 5 vendor of your choice can get tuner kits and do something like ADM duals and ID1000s for the 1000+hp everyone wants sooner or later.

Other dealers are catching on. Should be able to get this from your favorite vendor.

Don't quote me but I think JRE and RPM are getting set up too. In fact I think they shipped a kit to Ted last week.

Another great thing, they are on the shelf. Takes a day or two to ship it to FSP/ADM/CPR/JRE/RPM/CMS. Actually Joe@CPR can probably get one same day since he is 2 miles away from their shop.
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