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Originally Posted by RubyCamaro View Post
Okay so I will have to run with the stock V8's. That'ss Okay. You stock V8's guys better look out. Ruby might just embarass a few of you. I know I won't win but I'll be happy if I lay down some good times & maybe beat a few V8's. I still wish you would run a bracket group. But either way, I'll be there & I'll be running as many runs as I can. I'm getting suspension upgrades done the day before the fest at Raymond's & I want to test it out well.
Read the schedule for Friday. We are doing brackets.

Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post
It's going to have to be another time T. I'm passing on Camaro Fest to go to the Buick event @ National Trail Raceway in Ohio.

Gd luck!!
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