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as u can see at the start i pull up and tell the arm drop guy to let me go solo . cause i knew she wanted a test pass. u can see him shake his head no. so it was down hill from there. first pass on those tires ever. she just started racing as she has been racing a gullwing for a while. but like the camaros and got a zl1 to make her a car to mess around with. they just laughed it up and was like oh well . but they are good ppl and money no object really . she just didnt want to take the chance on hitting me.

she ran a 10.6 first time ever in that car. but went faster like a 10.3 or something. no bad for first race on a prepped track. i think she just use to that and didnt know how fast that car could get sideways on a unprepped track. but shes learning . shes got some fast ppl helping her.

check out ky speeds fb page

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