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Originally Posted by Evil-Bee-NH View Post
Strange i was under the impression the warranty went from owner to owner if it was GM Certified. I'd get a car fax on your cars VIN and if the repaint wasn't listed i'd say get them to paint it correctly under warranty and if they try nixing your opinion i believe failure to list damage when you sell a vehivcle thats GM certified would cause some jobs to roll down a hill.
Well the power train is intact as thats 5 years/100,000 miles but the 3 year 36,000 is up because its been 3 years despite the car only having 15,000 miles. I definitely need to check the car fax I guess.

Originally Posted by Chevrolet Customer Svc View Post
Hello DarkneSS,

I may be able to provide some helpful information for your situation. Please private message me your VIN and current mileage. I will see if I have information on a repaint in the car's history & also see if I can verify if the paint used is different.

Reggie B.
Chevrolet Customer Care
Going to try you guys out and take you up on this offer. Sending a private message now.

Originally Posted by whemming View Post
Mine 2010 black looks the same, I think its just the body angle in the sun making it look different. At some angles the black almost looks dark gray and others deep black. Sometimes when looking at my car the front fender appears much blacker than the door.
This SS has that same grayer black that my V6 had, they were built at roughly the same time in 2010. This panel is a deep dark black that does not match the other fender, or any other panel on the vehicle.
Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
Since its a 2010 it may already be through the factory 36 month B To B warranty, thus the certified 12 month 12K mile would be in effect.

Originally Posted by Avenging Orange View Post
You will find that on these cars due to the angles of body parts. But, if it was painted, it should have been disclosed at time of purchase. Do some digging.....might get it fixed warranty or not. Good luck.
I figure its worth the effort to save some cash, and considering the car has a bumper to bumper warranty I'm not asking for anything crazy here. In fact its quite reasonable.
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