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Originally Posted by pdiddy View Post
So I am ordered a Maggie this week and got ahold of my tunner this week and asked him about using a 2 bar map sensor he said I didnt need to get one. I have read its more for tunning I am only going to be maybe low 500 hp but can anyone explain why I wouldnt need the two bar. Is this really just a tuner preference I know that my tunner is VERY experenced with tunning ls motors. He said they are really only a must at big hp like 1000+. Please school me on this and explain what this is really all about.

It hay be a tuner preference. He is probably doing a MAF only tune. With a Maggie you will not max out the MAF. With that being said, the proper way to maintain control over your tune is to have the 3 bar MAP sensor on the car. GM does this for a reason on the ZL1. It is a good idea to have it to tune the car correctly.

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