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Originally Posted by 2SSCAMARO View Post
I would say forum sponsors like BeckyD at Rodgers Chevrolet who should have access to failure stats (at minimum from her dealership) could shed some light as to whether or not you are lucky. Also there are several top shops that are forum sponsors who could share their "first hand" experience of stock pump failures. They could state their opinions on whether or not the pump failures were solely because of, as little88 claims are "junk" or whether there were extenuating circumstances such as improper reinstallation, inadequate preventative maintenance, abuse etc. I, for one, would be interested in seeing a few posts from the above mentioned members regarding their opinions. It is only fair to disclose my 2010 L99, built in July of 2009, is heavily modded, blown, cammed, and LS3 converted. It still uses the original L99 oil pump. PSI at startup is 65, fully warmed up at cruise is 45, idle @650-700 never less than 30, WOT 65. Therefore at this point, I am not convinced the pumps are junk.
I haven't read all the way to the end of this thread yet but wanted to chime in and let you know that my LS3 is running stock (other than a CAI intake and GMPP Exhaust) and I am about to have my 3rd oil pump and check valve (2nd failure). I get my oil changed at my local dealership and follow the their guidelines for service due to wanting to be in compliance for the warranty. My car has 58,000 miles on it (mostly highway). This is a ridiculous situation and ironically, it always seems to happen when I'm a long way from home. What a PITA.
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