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Originally Posted by PeeBee View Post
Might have been a different outcome there, if the Z06 didn't break traction (driver being a bit over-excited with the throttle, after which he seems to ease down?)
From the owner

"I own the AMG C63 Black Series in the video as well as a 900whp CLK63 Black Series. My CLK was the second fastest car at the event, I lost to a 1000whp Nissan GT-R. My C was the third quickest car at the event only losing to my CLK and the GT-R(and a 1000hp tt Z06 that kept leaving VERY early by a car or two and I only lost by a half car, so in my eyes I won)

All day i was being called a sandbagger for claiming the C only makes 660whp. My C BS in this video is only making and honest 660whp, not sure how I handled the 1000hp Shelby with relative ease but it happened. Traction was not good and they did not allow burnouts and everyone was spinning at the line pretty badly. Rumor at the track is(Shelby owners friends talking) that the car dyno'd the day before the event at 960whp...not sure I believe that or not. Driver himself put 1000hp on the door of his car.

For the record my C is a 10.50 on DR's and traps at about 139 in the 1/4. These Weistec AMG motors make all their power at the big end and the top half of the power band and they redline over 7200rpm. The AMG 7-speed MCT tranny(automatic or paddle shift) is a thing of amazement and shifts faster than you could ever imagine and is the biggest reason I can beat down cars with more HP."
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