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Originally Posted by infernostripes! View Post
No it's not that it's revving more freely. Let me see if I can explain this better. If I'm at a standstill in the tap shift mood and I press the acceleration but pull of quickly the damn car bucks like horse. If I were to press the gas and let go quickly in S or D the car doesn't really buck. Like the only way I can drive in T is if I fully commit to having the peddle pressed all the way down. I hope that helps
its because as I mentioned, in S or D the trans upshifts as soon as you reduce throttle and no engine braking occurs.
when you hold first with tapshift and let off you get massive engine braking because its such a low gear.
back in the day pickups that had a 4 speed stick manual with granny first gear, you could get them to pop wheelies in first just by getting on and off the throttle several times to rock the truck.

you just have to be smoother with the throttle or upshift a gear before letting off the gas.

just thought of something else.
I bet that GM designed this trans so the PCM can turn on engine braking in all gears when in tapshift mode.
the older 4L60E had it in 1 and 2 only in manual shifting with the stock design, mines modified to have it in all three lower gears which is great when manually shifting.
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