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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
I do love the pic. Scott is the nicest guy in the world but in the photo he looks like he would punch you if you said "Mustang" in his presence. Or maybe just make a phone call and have it "taken care of". LOL

...that's why I keep a fleet of black suburbans around - to have 'stuff' "Taken care of".....

Thank you - all - for your kind comments.

I was qute surprised to get a call from David asking for the interview. Monte Doran (GM Communications) and I had lunch with him - lots of discussion - I was leaning more toward how the Disciples help to define the car - and how enthusiasts helped to ensure that the car would come back.....wasn't expecting the article to be about me.

As to the picture - - they took a whole bunch - guess they liked that one best.

My thanks to David Zenlea -- I'm grateful for your thoughfulness.
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