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Originally Posted by pdiddy View Post
thanks for the post, I am going to run the 3.8 pulley for a little bit my kit will be here tomorrow hope to have it all together and to the tunner in the next week stand by for install actually the maggie install manual looks pretty straight forward getting pretty excited
Originally Posted by 11syn3rgy View Post
Good luck man! My Maggie is supposed to be here tomorrow as well, but I'm not able to get it installed for 2 more weeks. I'll have to live vicariously through you in the meantime. I'm gonna stick with the 3.8 pulleys for a little while as well. Already looking ahead to the 3.6, MSD voltage booster (BAP) and CAI Inc intake. Jannetty says this is an easy additional 60 HP!!! Gotta like that. I can't wait to get this damn thing installed. At least I'll have it finished for the big Car Craft show at the MN State Fairgrounds on the 19th!!

Take your time and follow each step. It's pretty straight forward.
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