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Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the input. I am just trying to weigh the asking price of the vehicle against the amount of $$$ to get it back to very good condition. And since this is my first venture I am being doubly cautious.

I have been looking online and as with everything else online separating fact from fiction is very difficult but it looks to me that a total rebuild of the motor could run up to $3000.00, interior work about $2000 and a paint job could be $7000 to $10000. Based on the asking price I would have $18,000 to $21,000 in this. While I am not trying to flip the car, I don't want to be upside down either. Are my estimates correct?

I look online and I see similar cars in similar shape with wide ranges of asking price. Of course those are asking prices, so I look at actual sales and the span is very wide as well. What makes this a $6000 car vs. a $4000 car?
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