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A few things:

1) I wish people would quit calling Camaros that are blatantly 5thgens, 6thgens. Minor styling hints? Probably, there usually are in these types of cases. Different body parts than a stock 5thgen? Definitely. A whole new generation? NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

2) It's obvious that they're going for more of a desert race type theme (and with the 1st gen Bumblebee). But, to actually look decent, IMO...

3) Needs the GFX painted yellow to visually lower it.

4) Needs an actual lowering. The headlights on their own look GREAT, but much too high to go with the rest of the car. Lowering a bit more will help alleviate some of the visual mismatch.

5) It's just too round and bloated looking overall, to my eyes.

6) We had "Corvette-like" taillights on the early 5thgens, "sunglasses" taillights on the Euro cars, "Prelude" taillights on the 2014, and now you can throw "telephone" taillights into the dramatic Camaro taillight saga.

7) C7 Corvette FTW!... SEXIEST. CORVETTE. EVAR. ("Camaro" taillights and all).
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