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Originally Posted by larietrope View Post
I turned down the Mustang GT 500 after driving it. For one, too flashy, looked more like a hot wheels car than I liked. Too nose heavy. It drove okay but I could tell it just didn't feel as if I'd enjoy a long trip in it. Rode very stiff on all settings. Have to say it does have raw power in all gears.
So I am over that and back to searching for the right Camaro.
just keep searching. don't tell dealers you did not like the GT500 tell them you loved it and make them match the price.

in my case it was me threating to buy a GT500 that got the dealership to go supplier price last summer.

the closer the 2014's get to the ground the less 2013's are worth.
2017 zl1 or GT350 hmmmm
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