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Originally Posted by Dropspeed View Post
Originally yes, that is what I thought I should do as the car is so well balanced from the get go at stock HP. But I am not sure if that is correct.

What I am looking for is an increased spring rate and a slightly lower ride height. I don't want to change sways or put coilovers on it yet. I know there is something in there about having my cake and eating it too.

After two track outing I have had issues with the right rear tires spinning on corner exit is certain turns. My understanding is that by increasing the left front spring rate (both front) that will inturn help keep the right rear planted (???)

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong or make a suggestion.


We like to raise the front coil rate considerably to control weight transfer. We run as high as 670 pounds, 12kg.

To your situation, is the right rear spinning when it is on the inside or outside of the turn?

Are you on stock sway bars?

Can you post your alignment specs?
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