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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post

We like to raise the front coil rate considerably to control weight transfer. We run as high as 670 pounds, 12kg.

To your situation, is the right rear spinning when it is on the inside or outside of the turn?

Are you on stock sway bars?

Can you post your alignment specs?

Right rear when it is on the inside of the turn. (right turn) Specifically turn 2 at Gingerman on corner exit if I try to use second gear it will spin the inside (pass rr) tire. If I run out of the corner in 3rd gear it is fine. Same thing happened at Grattan exiting the last right hander from the esses.

I spoke with a GM engineer that has RWD platform experience (Camaro 1LE) about it and he mentioned upgrading to a ZL1 diff....but those are changes for down the road...

Yes, still 100% stock suspension...springs, sways, bushings ....

Alignment Specs are in the picture. Alignment recommendations/specs came from a another engineer that had experience with the 1LE ....I could have added more camber in the front but chose a setting I could live with on and off the track.

When you say control weight transfer can I assume that translates into increased traction? I have the mind set that when the front rate is increased more than the rear this induces under steer. Does that still hold true or are you increasing the rear as well?

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